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'Alternative facts' are no way to shape policy

As a British citizen now living in the USA, I have been following the Brexit issue with great interest - and some alarm.

It is interesting to note that, while there was a majority amongst those that actually voted, it was, in fact, a narrow majority.

Yet it would appear from the behaviour of MPs and the Government that it was won with a huge majority.

Closely held principles and the voting decisions of their constituencies didn't seem to matter when the time came for MPs to cast their own vote in parliament; they simply capitulated to the instructions of their whips.

It is also interesting to me that, while there is a certain amount of smug disdain and criticism in the UK about the results of the election over here, the drivers for Brexit seem to be almost the same.

These include a fear of immigrants and people not like us, a desire to make Great Britain great again and a move away from knowledge and facts to emotion and "alternative facts" as a means of making decisions about the future.


South Carolina, USA

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