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Amazed by Jim Corr


Jim Corr

Jim Corr

Jim Corr

Two articles in the Belfast Telegraph (May 30 and June 23) giving coverage to the very odd-ball views of a minor celebrity guitarist Jim Corr had me amazed.

'9/11 was an inside job' and 'Save us from Freemasons and Global government' are the type of articles expected in the National Enquirer, not a normal newspaper.

All we are missing are the articles on the second, or even third, gunmen on the grassy knoll in Dallas or faked moon landings.

Why give him space for his views?

Then we have the sensational headlines for the non-scientist. 'Mobile phones more dangerous than smoking'. This is one scientist's article.

It will, of course, be followed by lots of letters from the other fringe scientists and their supporters and the technophobes and the rent a protester groups.

By all means report these things.

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But give it balance.

Don't just tuck what the mainstream and majority say in the last five lines of the report, far removed from the sensationalist headline. When our climate change sceptical Environment Minister Sammy Wilson is given space to air his views there should be a full balance, otherwise some people will just believe what he says.

Similarly with our many Creationist and Intelligent Design believing ministers and their colleagues. Give real science a break for once.

G McCluggage


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