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America needs to stay out of Knox affair

An article in the Belfast Telegraph (December 23) referred to the conviction of 22-year-old American Amanda Knox of the killing of her British roommate in Italy.

Knox stood trial in Italy and the court heard a voluminous amount of evidence pointing to her guilt. She will serve 26 years in prison.

The family of Amanda Knox insist that the Italian legal system is flawed, but is the Italian system flawed - or does the American justice system still view women as belonging to the 'weaker sex' and in need of special protection?

If the US government runs to the aid of Amanda Knox and tries to reverse the outcome of a perfectly good trial, they are indeed making such a sexist statement.

Therefore, barring grave procedural error, the US government needs to stay out of the affair and let justice be served in memory of the murder victim, Meredith Kercher.


San Dimas, California


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