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Amnesty is yet another blow to our country

As a British citizen, who has witnessed the political destruction of my homeland since Britain joined the European Union, I felt helpless when I learned of a possible amnesty being granted to illegal immigrants.

As a family man, who has always protected my home and family from uninvited guests (legal, or illegal), I expect politicians to treat my homeland which is theirs also, with the same enthusiasm.

The European Union is not working. It was a fantasy from the word go.

It has destroyed the very ethos of British citizenship - never mind creating a doomed future for our families.

Irrespective of our declining colonial empire, Britain, as a nation, was hard-working and self-contained. We led the world with our expertise.

Can our politicians not see this? Or are they only interested in filling their pockets at the taxpayers expense?

Democracy has become a thing of the past. If Mr Cameron had any semblance of decency he would give the people the choice of remaining in the European Union, or getting out.

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Kircubbin, Co Down

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