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Amy is a tragic example for all who seek fame

Amy Winehouse's demise and death has become the norm in the world's music business.

Whether it is rock or pop stars, most celebrities seem to have very serious problems with addiction and it ends up killing them.

Celebrity lives seems to be full of dazzling highs and devastating lows that cause them to crash out. Their hectic lives make them unwell, discredit them, and leave many broke with huge tax bills as they desperately try to feed their bad habits.

The music business is full of examples for others not to follow with a long string of very unhappy and malcontented artists.

The celebrity world is a world of delusion both for the celebrity and their fans who worship their drug-fuelled idols getting closer to the end with every performance they give.

There can be little doubt that the fame is degenerative in nature as more and more cases are proving. Amy Winehouse has become another statistic in a long list of music business celebrities who had very serious underlying problems, despite the so-called "success" of their short-lived and very troubled careers.

Maurice Fitzgerald

Co Cork