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An alternative to capitalism is badly required

Not so long ago I read in the press where Bill Gates took delight, in his comparison with North Korea, that capitalism was the success of any democratic society.

I wonder what explanation Bill Gates would now offer the billions of people worldwide, who put their faith, (or had little or no choice in the matter), in our present day, capitalist, global society, who are going through the throes of homelessness, bankruptcy, despair, even suicide.

I believe it was Mr Gorbachev, who was in power when Russia came back into the capitalist fold, who stated that communism was "not" the answer for society, "but", and this is important, "neither" was capitalism. There had to be a bridging of the ideals to attain a fair and just society.

The present day banking fiasco of the capitalist system is under-going a global overhaul, including prohibitive/restrictive practices, of how it deals with "other" people's money.

It therefore goes without saying, that the capitalist system also needs to have similar restrictions imposed, for failure to address this problem, will illustrate the contempt, or respect, politicians have for humanity, whether they be treated with dignity or like a mongrel dog in the street.

Harry Stephenson



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