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An English-led Brexit threat to future of Union

CAN I make a plea for a fresh focus in your EU referendum debate? My concern is primarily for the future of the Union and I am convinced that Brexit would trigger unnecessary risks and instability.

Furthermore, I am disappointed that Secretary of State Theresa Villiers does not recognise this and chooses to place personal preference above the bigger picture.

People should recall the anxiety caused by the Scottish referendum, when the real prospect of separation threatened to weaken Northern Ireland's place within the UK. Equally dangerous scenarios unfold before us now.

Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones has just made similar points in The Independent. If England drags the rest of the country out of the EU serious constitutional instability might follow.

There could be "Indyref2" in Scotland, real unease in Wales, and Northern Ireland would not escape the turmoil.

We really do not have to do this to ourselves and some DUP politicians should reflect carefully.

All we can do, whichever of the four nations we call home, is to vote to remain, encourage others across the country to do likewise and hope for the best.



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