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An immature reaction to pain of depression

Those people who have responded to the article on depression (News, August 30) have made my situation worse.

I have suffered from depression since I was a teenager, because of a very dysfunctional upbringing. I have been suicidal and have tried to take my life on several occasions.

From depression I got ME and I was working, but the illnesses got worse and I lost my job, marriage, family, house and everything else.

In the last 10 years, I have worked for three of them and claimed only while not working and now recently because I am struggling to cope with life and work.

I was in a middle-management job. Now I am stuck in minimum-wage jobs as I can't cope with life. I have limited contact with friends as I get ill and tired a lot.

I wish that I was never ill. I want to work and be free of benefits, but those ignorant people who think I scrounge and live the life - would they like my life?

My kids see me twice a month and for the majority of their short life they have seen me sick. How am I going to be a positive role model to them?

Yet the £2.5m figure triggers an immature reaction that places arbitrary values on lives. I am not worthwhile to society, so I should get nothing, while gormless celebrities and sport stars earn millions and our adoration.

Stephen Fry, Winston Churchill, JK Rowling, Buzz Aldrin. These people have, or had, suffered from depression.

To be honest, I am grateful for my life and love all experiences because I appreciate every little thing. The reason is I know the value and depth that life has.

Do those who knock sufferers do it on a financial basis? Do people who are having a healthy, economically good life, that have a great job that they love and come home to the perfect family, do they really appreciate life?




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