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An insult to noble republicans to vote Sinn Fein

A century ago great men such as James Connolly and Padraig Pearse fought and died for Ireland. These exceptional leaders would turn in their graves if they knew the kind of republicans that are around today.

Let's start with Pearse McAuley, who killed a Garda and, in more recent times, attacked his partner in Co Cavan. And what about the thugs who murdered Paul Quinn in Co Monaghan?

In my own Fermanagh, what about the republicans who murdered 11 people at Enniskillen? And in south Armagh and Louth the self-styled "oil barons" (fuel smugglers) live. Gerry Adams said 'Slab' Murphy was a "good republican". God help us if his like were running the country.

My message to the Irish people is simple: if Sinn Fein become part of any government, we had better all be wary. People of Ireland: please do not insult the heroic men and women of 1916 by voting for sham republicans.


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