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Analyse MLAs' records before casting vote

In light of the recent £138m handout to sports stadia by our Minister for Fun, the very unfunny Nelson McCausland, I challenge any of those who have questioned the validity of free prescriptions to step forward and make their arguments now.

From all the evidence, making prescriptions free has not seen a surge in demand for them, nor has there been abuse of the system.

The benefits, particularly to people on treatments for heart conditions and cancer, are immeasurable, but some still question this policy.

Some MLAs, especially those keen to attack Michael McGimpsey, are on record as free script sceptics but fall silent about this appalling waste on sports grounds.

As the election draws nearer maybe now would be the time to analyse the voting records, speeches and questions asked by our MLAs, simply to judge their real records in the past four years.

Have they supported waste like this sports handout or have they supported sensible spending that has improved the lives of many?

Richard Wilson