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...and a force for good in the world today, say readers

I just want to say, you have fine newspaper columnists, and they don't bow to the McCann bandwagon and take sides - as if this was a show rather than a missing little girl, the poor mite.

Too many are treating it like a show and think they have to take sides, and many reporters from other media/newspapers see it like that. I find that disgusting.

With your news items there are no sides taken, just straight unbiased reporting, and kudos to you for that. However, I would like to see more news items concentrating on little Madeleine and the search for her.

Your reporters deserve a pat on the back for not following the other newspaper/media sheep.

L Howe

Thank you for putting into words what many people are thinking, and what the majority of the British Press are unwilling to say.

My respect and admiration goes to you.


Excellent article. Just want to say thank you, times 100! Keep up the great journalism Gail!

Kitty, United States

Speaking the truth against a new tsunami of spin!


Please pass my thanks to Gail Walker for writing such a great article. I am sick of hearing about the McCanns, from them, their family, that ridiculous blog and the PR team when, at the heart of the matter, lies the parents' neglect. It was excellent journalism.


I would just like to commend Gail Walker for writing, and the Belfast Telegraph for publishing, the article regarding the McCanns.

To the public it is astonishing how celebrities and Government figures have rallied to support these two 'suspects'.

The most pertinent point made, I feel, was that the Government should allow the course of justice to run without intervention.

Makes one wonder what has really been going on behind the scenes these last four months.

Donald MacPhee

I have just read the article in your paper by Gail Walker about the McCann case and I think it is the best informed and analytical comment I have read in the last four months about this case. Thank you.

Richard Larkins

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