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And now for more good news

It is predicted that, by 2075, Britain's population will have risen from its present 60 million to 105 million. In view of that, how can the Government hit its target for a reduction in CO2 emissions?

We are to have a fuel duty increase of 2p a litre on petrol, which will bring the price up to almost £5 a gallon. American motorists pay £1.50 a gallon and consume 13 million barrels of oil a day. The US Senate voted 99-0 against adopting any of the Kyoto recommendations and is unlikely to adopt measures that will reduce US living standards.

China and India continue to consume energy at an alarming rate and now some governments are to be paid not to cut down forests. As much of the logging is illegal, the chain saws will continue. The Government is sending out mixed messages. It imposes ever-increasing air taxes and then grants permission for a doubling of capacity at Heathrow. The Government is using global warming as an excuse to increase taxation. Meanwhile, more arable land is being used to produce bio-fuel and the result will be food shortages and increased prices. The inexorable rise in the world's population will exacerbate that and will certainly wipe out any imagined reduction in CO2 emissions.

Eat, drink and be merry, because in future it may be very expensive to eat and drink and there will be very little to be merry about.

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