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Anderson's vulgar outburst shows SF's 'respect and tolerance' agenda is far from being a reality

letter of the day: BREXIT argument

Martina Anderson's absence of any sunny day sentiments over the Brexit border position (News, March 15) deserves our sympathy.

It must be difficult for Martina Anderson to accept that, as a failed IRA terrorist, she spent 13 years of her life in gaol for the cause of Irish unity - still as elusive as ever.

To then watch Sinn Fein claim victory for their murder campaign by embracing a role sustaining Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom in a mandatory coalition government must really be galling for her. The final ignominy, surely, was to be to be asked by Sinn Fein to represent the United Kingdom in Europe as an MEP?

It is no surprise, after such humiliation, that she clings to the wreckage of the republican project with all her strength.

To do other would be to accept a wasted life in pursuit of objectives well beyond her reach.

In Ms Anderson's denial and frustration at being unable to dictate terms, either to the UK Government, or the EU member countries over Brexit, it was understandable that she regressed to common vulgarity in lieu of a reasoned argument.

What Ms Anderson did confirm in her outburst is that, once again, Sinn Fein's much-vaunted "respect and tolerance" agenda clearly isn't going to see the light of day anytime soon, either.

blinded by the light

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