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Anger after Linfield fans go on rampage

The dogs in the street know that it 'takes two to tango' and many soccer supporters are blinded by raw hatred - especially directed at the opposing supporters. I'm sure Sinn Fein and the DUP will be following up with their usual vindictive rants.


I am a Linfield fan and I have to say that no matter how provoked you are, you are the bigger man if you walk away. I hope those Linfield fans who caused damage are brought before the courts. Likewise any Derry City fans who were trying to provoke and who were also fighting. After this great win, they have let their team down. There is no room in any sport for this type of behaviour.

Cassie Sylvester

Here we go again. Two weeks ago it was Sligo v Glentoran. As I said then, there are mindless idiots at every club, sadly.


Bilboboggins: there's idiots everywhere - not just in football clubs. We should remember the decent, sensible majority. I'm glad to see that there's not too much finger-pointing here.


Have those supporters from both teams no jobs to go to the next day? They can travel to Derry, pay for transport, entrance to the match and also a few drinks before and after the match and then riot. No doubt mostly DLA or Jobseekers. A worker who has to get up at 6am the next morning to get to work in time would watch this match on TV, then retire for the night.


Linfield are notoriously bad losers. This only proves the fact.

Bernie Girl

Derry City boys: don't take it too personally. A small minority of Bluemen have got a bit of a reputation for breaking windows. You Derry City guys and girls went a bit out of your way to provoke them. It was still no excuse for any of the violence (or for your propaganda).

Tyrone Prod

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