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Anger at 18% electricity price rise

Looks like the lunacy of wind farms is working. These environmental eyesores are not cost-effective. Result: dearer electricity.

Belfast C35

Belfast C35: We don't get the benefit of wind power; it gets sold on elsewhere. The people in charge of electricity have cited the cost of the fossil fuels they use as the reason for the rise and, yes, I agree, chimneys belching out smoke and polluting the air are far more pretty than wind turbines.


Belfast C35: There is a windmill on the outskirts of Reading, which is an eyesore. When the local authority was asked how much power in GB pounds it produced per annum, the answer was £100,000. Pressed further, it said it cost £140,000 to run the thing.


We just had a rise in electricity and now we are getting another one. It's time we stopped using harmful fossil fuels and follow the example that Germany has set. We have wind, waves and even enough sun to generate power, so what is the problem?


Just change to a cheaper supplier. I changed to Budget Energy – they are a lot cheaper. It took me about three minutes on the phone. No one calls out and it is changed over in three working days.


Payday lenders charging 1,700%

This is just irresponsible lending, targeting the most financially vulnerable. No one should need to use these loans; they only compound financial problems.


Banks were bailed out, but did they lend to people? Did they encourage them to take a small loan to cover bills? No, they didn't.

Ravin Davin

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