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Anger at killings should include Jewish victims

I MUST agree with Anthony Redmond (Write Back, January 20) that "the murderous attack on the staff of Charlie Hebdo was truly dreadful and unforgivable, but it (is) irresponsible for the magazine to then go and publish a cover that could make things even worse".

What is more disturbing is that the outrage expressed largely ignored the second atrocity - the murder of four shoppers in a grocery store the same week, whose only offence would seem to have been that they were Jews.

Does this not send out the message to these Islamist fanatics that they have overstepped the mark only when they extend their "justified" anger to non-Jewish targets?

If only more people would follow the lead of William Humphrey MLA (Write Back, January 20), whose kind words of support for the beleaguered Jewish community give one hope that there are some decent people whose human values extend even to it.


Salford, Greater Manchester

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