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Animal abuse in slaughterhouses

With reference to your report 'Dutch pass livestock slaughter bill' (News, June 29), Animal Aid recently filmed inside eight randomly-chosen British slaughterhouses and found evidence of cruelty in seven of them.

Animals were kicked, slapped, stamped on, picked up by fleeces and ears and often improperly stunned before going to the knife while still conscious.

In shechitah, the Jewish method of slaughter, the cut of a razor-sharp knife causes such a rapid loss of blood supply to the brain that the animal becomes unconscious before it has time to feel the cut itself.

All slaughter methods are aesthetically unappealing, but I would suggest that, in view of Animal Aid's findings, those people - even non-Jews - who are concerned about the humane treatment of animals should make a point of only purchasing meat from animals which have undergone shechitah.


Salford, Greater Manchester

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