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Animal cruelty helping to stir up toxic hatred

People are weeping in Manchester, London, Paris and other locations around the world as the triumvirate of bomb, bullet and knife reduces city footpaths to one-sided battlefields.

Those devoid of a moral compass have decided that their cause is worth destroying people's lives for.

The terrorist ecosystem is home to various causes and wears many guises; there are, for example, those who believe in a cause that promotes the recreational killing of wild animals.

Their cause has slaughtered thousands of non-human members of our society and turned the countryside into streams of blood.

War has been declared on the non-human members of our society by people dedicated to the cruelty cause.

The nexus between a jihadist and a bloodsports follower is ideology.

Their world view sees a legitimate cause that must be imposed on society. And people who are violent towards animals rarely stop there.

It may seem removed from ending human terror, but ending the war on the non-human members of our society would reduce the level of toxic hatred in society.

The time for tears can wait; the time for action cannot.


Association of Hunt Saboteurs

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