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Animal testing is cruel and dated

Misinformed and out of touch, Wendy Jarrett (Write Back, May 7) remains in the Dark Ages of animal testing with her failure to recognise the astounding scientific progress that has been made without testing on animals.

With the advent of the European ban on testing cosmetic products and ingredients on animals, Europe invested heavily in the development of non-animal testing methods with fantastic returns.

High-tech, sensitive tests with more accurate results can be used to evaluate whether chemicals irritate the skin and eyes and replace cruel tests in which chemicals are dripped into rabbits' eyes, injected into guinea pigs or smeared onto their skin.

Wendy Jarrett would have you believe that animal testing does not take place when non-animal methods are available. Yet a recent report (by the European Chemicals Agency) revealed that potentially avoidable skin and eye irritation tests were conducted on approximately 2,300 rodents and rabbits, in spite of the availability of validated non-animal tests.


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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