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Another ludicrous DUP decision on the Maze

The most recent installment of the Maze saga makes me wonder what is going on with the DUP?

I am incredulous at recent developments. First, Ian Paisley said he would accept Martin McGuinness as First Minister and then Peter Robinson acquiesced to Sinn Fein's desire for a Conflict Resolution Facility, which must naturally include a republican shrine. What next?

The Maze has been a major stumbling block for years - one of many standing in the way of Executive progress - yet suddenly we have a 'solution'. Given the fact that recent months have shown just how entrenched Northern Ireland's divisions remain, tackling the issue of the Conflict Resolution Facility seems more than a little over-ambitious.

The Maze prison is regarded very differently by different political traditions and there is every likelihood it will become a part of the problem rather than a mechanism for resolution. The retention of those sections of the prisons that are listed is likely to result in the creation of a terrorist shrine. Why then has the DUP Environment Minister not moved to have them de-listed?

It is already ludicrous that the last development masterplan - which included a state-of-the-art national multi-sports stadium - was scrapped, apparently due to the non-agreement between First Minister and deputy First Minister. Now, with the stadium shelved, the Conflict Resolution Facility is back on the table. As they seem resigned to do Sinn Fein's bidding at every turn, what exactly do the DUP stand for now?


Ulster Unionist spokesperson for

victims' issues


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