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Another Northern Ireland election may work out well for DUP

James Brokenshire's warning that another snap election could be on the cards unless the parties agree to a deal might well be welcomed by unionists.

The recent electoral outing showed that the hoped shift towards so-called "middle-ground" politics was rejected.

If there is a snap election, the pendulum may well swing in the DUP's favour. Despite Sinn Fein's battle cry of equality, respect and justice, it must clearly be on its terms.

For many unionist people with a bitter memory of the Troubles, Sinn Fein's lack of respect for victims and its revisionist agenda sticks in the craw. So, too, does the DUP's arrogance and morally superior politics. With the vote margin now so narrow between these two parties, in a snap election many pro-Union voters may abandon the middle ground, hold their nose and vote DUP.

If James Brokenshire wants an even more polarised political outcome, where a deal must still be reached afterwards, calling a snap election might just deliver that result to him.


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