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Another part of Belfast's heritage is lost for nothing

I WAS appalled and dismayed (sadly not surprised) to see demolition under way of the period Baptist church on Great Victoria Street in Belfast.

Firstly, one of the few things that Belfast has going for it in this age of homogeneity is its rich architectural heritage.

If Belfast wants to reinvent itself as a city to see, then it should ensure one of its main attractions (its historical heritage) is not diminished, or what is it trading on that couldn't be seen in hundreds of cities in Europe?

Secondly, when I went past the site there appeared to be no attempt made to reclaim the materials. Finally, the historic building is being knocked down to make way for a car park (as if Belfast needs another car park).

Belfast is the UK's worst city for cyclists. Yet a period property is demolished to allow more people to drive. Utter madness.



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