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Another party must defend ideals of NI21

Our society has long been crying out for a political party which has, as its first priority, the interests of everyone in Northern Ireland. Previously NI21 attempted to fill that gap and its leaders deserve credit for their efforts.

Its leader Basil McCrea says that the idea is still alive, but, unfortunately, the party's credibility has been damaged and it is not a credible vehicle to change politics here.

Perhaps it is better that the lessons of NI21's failure are learned in order to create a broader, less personal movement driven by similar ideals.

There are, however, politicians from across the Assembly who buy into similar ideas. Hopefully they can co-operate and come together to form a movement which can shape a new type of politics aimed at making Northern Ireland work irrespective of one's constitutional preference, religion, race or creed.


Holywood, Co Down

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