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Another perspective on South Belfast racism

I live in the Donegal Road area and this is what happened me at 4.25am today Wednesday.

I was awakened at 425 by a man smashing bricks through my front door glass to gain access to my house. He made straight for my car keys and started to drive my car away. As I chased, cutting my feet to shreds in the process, his accomplice brandished a knife and shouted at me in a foreign language. Result - the first new car I have ever owned 'gone in 60 seconds'

What was the PSNI response? Uniform attended and made a report, followed by the fingerprint guys. 20 hours later I am still waiting on CID to see me - they left a number which no-one answered and when they eventually rang me back after 6pm they told me they are too busy to come out and it might be some time tomorow. Despite me making it clear my car is a target for breaking or shipping, they apparently have not alerted border or port police - all they have done is notify Traffic to look out for it on the road. And yet I'm told they know an Eastern European criminal gang is operating locally in this way.

If this had been another exaggerated incident of foreigners being intimated out by locals, I'm sure it would have been on the news and PSNI would have been out in droves. The Community Officer took time to come out since there is a 'foreign' aspect but no-one else appears to care.

I'm emailing this to you after 9pm and dreading going to bed - I could have been stabbed or driven over. Is this right and fair?

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