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Anthem for NI games needs to be changed

Couldn't agree more about the singing of 'the Queen' before Northern Ireland football matches at the National Stadium.

Those same bigots who sing 'No Surrender' during the anthem are the same ones who don't realise that the IFA owns Windsor Park - not Linfield FC.

It is supposed to be a welcoming stadium for all and trying to attract all sections of the community and not the almost exclusive unionist-loyalist support.

The unique loyalist connection to Windsor Park, playing 'the Queen', the loyalist Village area where it is situated and the supporters, make it difficult for young footballers from nationalist west Belfast and Derry to turn out for the team.

A simple solution (as Scotland and Wales have found) is don't play 'the Queen' but a popular local anthem acceptable to all in Our Wee Country. I suggest Danny Boy (unique to Northern Ireland), or for the diehards The Londonderry Air.

Millions could also be gained for the IFA if they sold the stadium name rights, as Ulster Rugby found by renaming Ravenhill 'The Kingspan Stadium'.


Holywood, Co Down

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