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Anti-DUP remarks insult electorate's intelligence

JIM Reynolds' pro-Alliance Party letter (Write Back, April 15) is offensive in relation to east Belfast's unionist electorate. I would like to set the record straight.

Gavin Robinson is positive and constructive about inclusive unionism and the DUP is working hard to take Northern Ireland forward.

Unlike others, DUP candidates have published their document in expectation of a hung parliament, The Northern Ireland Plan. This forward-looking and positive plan clearly sets out some of the DUP's key priorities for discussion with the parties which could form the next government.

The increasingly likely hung parliament offers a one-off opportunity for Northern Ireland to play a constructive role within government. Only a strong and dedicated team will have the opportunity and ability to place Northern Ireland's case on the government's agenda. This is an opportunity for the good of everyone that should not be missed.

Jim Reynolds pronounces past generations of unionist voters as being "in the fold of sectarian, flag-waving politics". Further, he declares unionist politicians today "need only fly flags and play sectarian tunes to get the votes of the masses".

These remarks offend and insult the electorate's intelligence. And his patronising remarks about Gavin Robinson do Jim Reynolds no credit.


MLA for East Belfast

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