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Anti-Israeli protesters must look at rest of world

AS a proud Belfast man by origin and upbringing, I have just read your news report (Online, August 11) and watched the accompanying videos regarding pro-Palestinian activists stripping the shelves of an Asda and a Sainsbury supermarket of what they claim (or suppose) to be Israeli produce.

I can see that the store managers might have feared to take on a potentially violent group like this, but why were the police not called (or did not turn up) to control a situation that was illegal from start to finish? Arrests should have been made and cautions given.

Were these people supporting Hamas, an illegal, internationally-recognised terrorist organisation which has committed serious war crimes under the Geneva Conventions? Supporting terrorism is a crime in itself.

Were they protesting against the actions of Israel, whose behaviour in the recent war has been legal under those same conventions?

And if they want to boycott Israeli goods, why don't they dump their mobile phones, computers and medicines that come from Israel?

If they want to protest, why don't they protest about what is happening today in Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya and many other places with vastly higher death- rates, created by the close friends of Hamas, whom they appear to think so highly of?


Distinguished senior fellow

Gatestone Institute, New York

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