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Anti-Zionist hatred grows unfettered

Following the terror attack in Norway, there have been calls to address both the problem of the growing far-Right movements in Europe as well as the causes that such groups champion.

If European leaders do choose to examine these issues, they would do well to examine a hatred which has some commonality with both of these extremities and has been growing unfettered for far too long: anti-Zionism.

The level of hatred towards, and bias against, Israel, coupled with a lack of interest in situations that are far worse than anything Israel stands accused of, shows ulterior motives other than the well-being of the Palestinians.

Why are there no grassroots 'flotillas of hope' to East Africa, where thousands of people are starving to death, while there are numerous initiatives to feed the people of Gaza, where no-one has died of starvation?

And why no grassroots activities in Europe protesting the deaths in the Arab Spring, where more civilians have been killed in the past six months than in 60 years of the Israeli-Arab conflict?


Givatayim, Israel


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