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Any Irish 'unity' starts within the British system

I FELT dismayed at the wording of the poll questions for Irish unity, as published in the Belfast Telegraph (News, September 21), with the result that I have to ask myself: what type of 'unity' was intended?

Total, independent unity, with no British connection whatever? Or a unity maintaining/renewing the present status quo association with the British parliament? In my view, were the electorate to be given such a choice for Ireland's unity, two very different results would appear, thereby giving a true indication of the feelings the electorate hold on this very contentious subject.

Personally, I believe Northern Ireland people must be united prior to any Irish unity.

As the people of the Republic of Ireland are more desirous of Irish unity than the people of Northern Ireland, it makes sense (at least, it does to me) that they make the first move by accepting Ireland's unity within the British system.

Once that is achieved, or accepted, then it becomes a simple matter of evolution.

As unification of the people takes place, they will then have a better understanding of which system offers the better standard of living for their families.

It will be their united voice, in making their choice of the type of unity they desire, that is called democracy.

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