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Appointing gay bishop won’t alter my beliefs

It would appear to the Anglican bishop Nicholas Chamberlain that we are now living in an age where everybody does that which is right in his own eyes and where God is left out of the plan for mankind.

The bishop said that his statement that he is gay would cause some ripples in the church. I can assure him that there will be no ripples among the true followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His teaching.

The bishop also said that his sexuality is part of who he is, but it is his ministry that he wants to focus on. That may be so, but he is certainly not following the Bible's teaching.

Many people today, including some Protestant clergy, condemn born-again believers for speaking out against homosexuality and lesbians. That is not true. What we are doing is warning them of the dangers of such acts.

All I can say to Bishop Chamberlain is, shame on you for misrepresenting the Gospel's true message. As for the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who consecrated the new bishop, and the Bishop of Lincoln, Christopher Lowson, who appointed him, may the Lord of Heaven preserve us from your decisions.

Dr Billy Boyd


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