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Apprehension at McGuinness win

I WRITE this as a unionist with an interest resting with the citizens of the Republic - namely with regard to presidential candidate Martin McGuinness.

Having lost friends of both religious denominations to the Troubles, I await the election result with interest and apprehension.

If McGuinness makes the presidency, it will be the outcome of a meeting held in the small village of Falcarragh, Co Donegal, in 1997.

Here a decision was taken to go down the political road. But I ask: when the road ends, which avenue then?

If McGuinness fails in his election bid, it will bring north and south together. If he succeeds, we are in unknown territory.

In my opinion, the president is the voice and conscience of a nation and is viewed by the world as a representative of its people.

So is the Republic's barometer going to read: 'Storms ahead?'


Co Tyrone


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