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Ardoyne's residents are willing to talk

According to Libertarian (Write Back, July 19) my 'group will not be satisfied until they have ethnically-cleansed that area of Protestants'.

The Greater Ardoyne Residents Collective (GARC) have, on a number of occasions, stated that they 'have respect for the Protestant religion, heritage and culture'. On behalf of GARC, I reiterate those sentiments.

Yes, we oppose loyal order marches up the Crumlin Road past Ardoyne and the Mountainview communities, but we have articulated our position and reasons behind that stance.

GARC and I accept that Protestant/unionist homes are regularly attacked in the Woodvale and Twaddell area, and we condemn these attacks unreservedly. Sectarianism is wrong from whatever quarter it comes. It must be stressed that these attacks are carried out by thugs who are not representative of Ardoyne.

Neither GARC nor I have any interest in ethnically-cleansing Protestants from any area.

Everyone has the right to live in peace, and we will defend that right for residents in the Woodvale as much as we do for residents in Greater Ardoyne.

If it will help ease the concerns and worries of the Woodvale and Twaddell residents, then I and our collective would be more than willing to meet the local residents' group.

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