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Arlene Foster: It's time to sell ourselves to tourists

I agree with her, but first we must get our act in order. During the tourist season, lots of attractions close on Monday. If anyone applies for a job in tourism, they must be prepared to work flexible hours, or more employees must be taken on.


Talk is cheap. Ms Foster and her colleagues need to take the necessary actions to help bring closure to the events of the past 40-odd years. The politics at Stormont are too much about our differences, rather than what most people have in common.

Tulsa Kid

Sell ourselves to tourists? That's a toughie. You can't even sell it to me – and I live here. Haven't been shopping In Belfast since before Christmas. Tried once and spent an hour being diverted out of the city. Had enough of that in the 1970s and 1980s and really haven't the patience for it anymore.


What a shocking demonstration of selective memory. Ms Foster's colleagues played a pivotal role in kicking the hornets' nest that resulted in the 40 days of idiocracy and mob rule that she's now trying to fix. Also, Northern Ireland will never be able to sell itself as a tourist destination as long as her ministerial colleague tells us that we have to stop drinking at 1am.


We have the lowest crime rates in Europe, because the police don't arrest people who break the law anymore.


Is this woman for real? I am one of 3.6 million potential tourists on Northern Ireland's doorstep who would and does visit on a semi-regular basis. If Belfast people don't feel safe shopping in their own city, what chance have you of coaxing folk in large numbers from outside Northern Ireland?

Ten Major

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