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Arlene Foster paying price for shameful DUP arrogance

While the DUP comes to terms with the chagrin of its disappointing election result, Arlene Foster’s inveterate supporters have still not got the message. Their party received more than 200,000 votes, not because of Arlene Foster, but in spite of her.

Prior to the election, she exuded a ‘I would not have one about the place’ mentality, thereby copper-fastening the nationalist and republican vote. The rest is history.

Don’t personalise it, cry her minions. Well, for their information, her ‘crocodile’ comments were akin to Hilary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables”, and that, too, is history.

Personality and public relations are imperative traits in public life, and the DUP has ignored these factors and sallied along under the impression that if they hung a Union flag on a Lurgan spade it would get elected.

What kept Stormont together for the past 10 years was the statesmanship displayed by Martin McGuinness. In view of the present chaos, this man would be a worthy recipient of the Nobel peace prize.

Not wishing to personalise any forthcoming talks, but as Arlene Foster and Gerry Adams sit down to discuss our destiny, they will at least have one thing in common: a singular lack of statesmanship and an unfortunate manner.



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