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Arlene Foster would be foolish to demand a pot of cash for Northern Ireland, because it will have to paid back


A week is a long time in politics, said Harold Wilson. Seven days ago, Arlene Foster wouldn't have ever believed that she would become the most powerful person in British politics.

With the Conservative Party losing its majority in last week's general election and the Prime Minister calling upon Mrs Foster to prop up her government, the DUP now relish holding the trump card at Westminster.

It is now up to them how they play it. And, as the country watches, the DUP need to ensure they don't finish up as jokers in the pack.

It would be foolhardy to take a hardline stance with the government and make demands for millions of unnecessary pounds.

Arlene Foster, in her post-election speech, told the country that her party would represent the whole of the United Kingdom.

If this is to be true, it would be folly to siphon boatloads of cash from the Exchequer and expect them to anchor in Belfast harbour.

By the time that the Conservative Party conference takes place later this year in October, it is unlikely that Theresa May will still be the Prime Minister, but the date of the next general election will (hopefully) still be another five years away.

By then, a new Prime Minister will be in place, whether heading a Conservative government with a powerful majority or (Heaven forbid) a Labour administration.

But what will be known is that any money handed to Northern Ireland will need to be repaid.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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