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Arms supplied to take on Isis could end up anywhere

Turkey has been bombing Kurdish fighters in Syria and in Iraqi Kurdistan. Several months ago it was all about how we should arm the Kurds to fight Isis. But now we see two pro-Western militias fighting each other.

Turkey is targeting the Kurds - probably the most effective ground force against Isis - with Isis presumably free to continue its attack against the Assad regime.

It's all very well calling for war. We can have as many illusions as we want about the consequences of supplying arms and training, but the arms can end up in anyone's hands and be used for purposes diametrically opposed to the supplying source.

One wonders at the alarm from Western sources over the Isis threat when Western allies in the region such as Saudi Arabia seem to be either unconcerned about the whole situation or, like Turkey, are more intent on defeating the Kurds than Isis.

This a shambles, but hopefully it is also another reminder that arms and wars are not the answer - creating as many problems as they supposedly solve.


Hillsborough, Co Down

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