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Arrogant DUP manifesto no friend of Union

Having read the DUP manifesto, I am flabbergasted by their continued approach to the matter of their expenses.

It actually states "expenses claims of DUP MPs were of an entirely different nature" to other MPs. Yet again, the DUP are trying to defend the indefensible to the taxpayers.

Their lack of remorse about the expenses scandal reeks of arrogance. It certainly isn't becoming behaviour for a public servant elected by, accountable to and paid for by the people.

The abuse of expenses was institutionalised across the DUP Parliamentary team. Yes, the spotlight was shone on gardens and second-home expenses, but our local DUP MPs also showed their true colours: £555 for hotel pay-to-view movies; a £30,000 food bill for Peter and Iris; the £1,600 bed.

What's more - the DUP manifesto shockingly makes no mention of how they intend to strengthen the Union. Perhaps the DUP don't want to upset the Scottish Nationalists. They certainly seem to have more in common with the Scottish and Welsh independence parties who, like them, are also hoping for a hung Parliament as it would increase their influence.

A hung Parliament would result in a weak Westminster government, unable to give the decisive leadership the United Kingdom needs. Tough decisions need to be taken to sort out Gordon Brown's economic mess - only a vote for a Conservative and Unionist candidate will ensure strong government and that the interests of Northern Ireland are voiced right at the heart of government.


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