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Arrogant DUP showing first signs of decline

WITH reference to the recent elections and the performance of the two main unionist parties, the DUP can dress it up whatever way it likes, but it had a nosebleed. It needs to get it checked out in case it's an early sign of haemorrhage.

If it isn't concerned, it should be.

The decline of the UUP began in much the same way; a small wound became infected, then it required surgery and it has never really healed.

Its vote was up 0.9% (from a very low base) and it thought it was cause for celebration until the European election took the shine off it.

The UUP in the late Sixties and early Seventies became complacent and arrogant and lost touch. The DUP is now exhibiting the same characteristics. As the DUP continues to move to the centre-ground, people will soon start to realise that the "New DUP" is not the DUP and it will continue to haemorrhage support.

Since the election we have had Peter Robinson's intemperate remarks about Islam; his grovelling apology left us all cringing with embarrassment.

You begin to wonder just how low this party can sink. He has cast a shadow over the Protestant community and we will all have to live with it. In time people will realise just how long and dark that shadow is.

By its silence, his party is equally culpable. What a sorry bunch they are. And what a sorry bunch we are for voting for them.


Portadown, Co Armagh

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