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Arrogant liberals must accept election result

Although one shouldn't be proud of it, I can't help but be overcome by an inordinate feeling of schadenfreude, resulting from the 'liberal' reaction to Donald Trump's victory in the US presidential election.

The entire liberal commentariat came across as so stridently arrogant in their certainty of a Hillary Clinton win that they just will not accept the reality. Talk about bad losers. Like all bullies, they are now looking for scapegoats. How dare the US electorate dissent from the liberal consensus?

The main villains of the piece appear to be an amalgam of non-college-educated, white males and "backward" (as Mrs Clinton's team described them) Catholics.

Of course, the reason liberals are so hung up on a college education is because nowadays this largely guarantees a sound indoctrination in liberal/feminist dogma.

Unfortunately, most of the media went lazily along with this flawed analysis.

One is reminded of the observations of eminent US journalist Heywood Broun, an atheist who converted to Catholicism.

The reaction of his erstwhile colleagues led him to conclude that much liberalism was extremely illiberal.

He concluded: "I discovered that freedom for them meant thinking as they did."

Plus ça change. Way to go, Mr Trump.


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