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As an independent nation the Republic should not be dictated to on abortion, or when human life begins

letter of the day: National sovereignty

I would question the use of the phrase "independent experts" when it comes to the issue of abortion and the UN's Geneva-based Human Rights Committee.

It is undeniable that there are elements within the UN that are ideologically wedded to the idea of abortion on demand as being some kind of fundamental right, despite its inhumane precept that the right to life of the unborn child at all stages of development prior to birth must be subservient to this imaginary right, and they lose no opportunity to promote that agenda in Ireland and around the world.

However, this committee has no power to tell a sovereign nation how to conduct its internal affairs on this issue - and it most certainly has no power to tell the people of the Republic of Ireland that they must amend its constitution so that their ideology may be better implemented in this country.

We are an independent nation and, while that independence may have been eroded somewhat on the basis of the various treaties that we have signed with other nations, it has not been eroded so far that we are subject to the diktats of some committee that seems to regard human life at its earliest stages as being of secondary value to its own agenda.


Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny

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