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As we mourn the famous, let's spare a thought for those whose passing will also be missed by others

letter of the day: celebrity deaths

The year 2016 has seen the passing of some immensely talented singers, writers, comedians and broadcasters.

Terry Wogan was for decades a household name. I always liked the haunting music of Leonard Cohen.

Alan Rickman was first class. I was also a fan of Zsa Zsa Gabor.

These, and others, are such a loss to their professions and to humanity.

But I can't help feeling that the attention given to celebrities in death, as in life, can completely overshadow the lives of the people who pass away with scarcely a word written or broadcast about them.

I've just got the local parish newsletter and I've read through a long list of people who died during the year: all precious human beings to their friends and loved ones, each death a staggering loss. Each one of the names on the 'departure list', if I may call it that, means the world to at least one other person.

He or she is a star, shining brightly in remembrance as surely as any of the ones that light up a crisp winter's sky.

Life is so precious and so vulnerable that surely everyone's stint on this planet is worthy of celebration, even if one hasn't achieved celebrity status, as categorised by those who define such things.


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