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Ashers coverage is so one-sided

I feel compelled to write in to say how appalling this newspaper's coverage of the Ashers 'gay cake' row has been.

Over Monday and Tuesday (News, February 1/2), not only was there an interview with Ashers' owners, but opinion pieces on both days wholeheartedly supporting them.

Where was the balance? Where was the other side of the debate? Monday's opinion piece called for "common sense" to prevail, rather than a "rigid adherence to the rules". Is the writer suggesting Christians should have the right to ignore laws they do not agree with?

Tuesday's piece banged on about "genuinely held beliefs" and "consciences". Businesses are not living entities, therefore they do not have consciences.

By supporting Ashers, this newspaper is basically saying LGBT people should not presume they will be served when they go into a shop in Belfast city centre. So much for "opposing discrimination of any form".

I expect this won't be printed, as it's against Ashers.


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