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Ashers 'gay cake' row: Stop throwing cheap shots at evangelicals

Paul Rowlandson (My View, Nov 17) in his case against Ashers Bakery facetiously misstates the entire case and in doing so maligned evangelicals.

Rowlandson's thesis is that Ashers discriminated, broke the law and therefore should be prosecuted. Further, that religious belief should never be allowed to determine anything. Finally, it's all the fault of nasty evangelicals who distort Scripture.

Throwing cheap shots at evangelicals was easier than proving his case.

A quick reading of Reformed commentaries would have shown that clearly. But again, he chose to malign. It's easier.

Rowlandson needs a refresher course on what historic Christianity teaches instead of using time to slander evangelicals.

After all, while he mouths off about loving his neighbour he spectacularly failed to show any himself, either for the Christian owners of Ashers or the Christians he maligned in his column.

I suggest that he reads Ussher's Body of Divinity.

Or would that shatter his illusions too much?


Free Church Manse, Ballyclare

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