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Ask Judge Judy for quick verdict on the cake case

The saga of the Ashers' cake costing less than £50, with a customer wanting a personal inscription, still has the public awaiting the judges' verdict; at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds so far (and, no doubt, more to come for the lawyers).

If these legal eagles are stumped for an answer, they should watch American Judge Judy Sheindlin dispense cases - some involving thousands of dollars - with her verdict final.

I imagine she would ask the complainant how many other shops he tried. If a shop doesn't have the goods, or service, you require, you go elsewhere - not end up in a court of law trying to force the proprietor to change his way of conducting business.

Judge Sheindlin would have given her verdict on the first day the case came to court. She is one shrewd and learned person.


Carryduff, Co Down

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