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Assembly's record one of abject failure

The tone of your editorial 'Promising start to the new Assembly' (Comment, September 22) was both sycophantic and clearly errant to any serious political watcher.

The fact that the Assembly has taken nearly four months to do what our national coalition did in five days is not 'a promising start' - it is abject failure.

Not only this, but by virtue of the fact that nothing has actually changed in our 'over-administered' Northern Ireland in the last five years, the sudden praise for our politicians producing a document, as yet unseen, four years and four months late, cannot be regarded as progress.

The UUP, in the run-up to the Assembly election, proposed that no ministerial appointments should be made before a Programme for Government, even a provisional one, had been agreed. Clearly, the two top parties have selectively leaked some of the more tantalising morsels from their proposals, but even these are rehashed failed promises of the past.

How often are we to be told reform of local government is going to happen, or education will be made fit for the 21st century?


Portadown, Co Armagh


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