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At least we all know where O'Neill stands

Would it be a surprise to find out the Pope is a Catholic? Well, no. So, why is it apparently a surprise for some to find that the northern leader of Sinn Fein is a republican?

I, for one, can't have gesture politics. Indeed, any sort of fingers crossed gestures.

If Michelle O'Neill had not eulogised the Loughgall terrorists as a gesture to victims of IRA violence, would she have thought less of them in her heart? Would she have suddenly believed they were doing wrong? Of course not.

We can have all the cross-community gestures and handshakes, but we still get those who were involved in violence, or who supported and excused violence, elected in election after election.

I much prefer for people to give it to me straight, then I know exactly where I stand with them.

So, I may not like, or agree, with her actions, but at least I know where I stand with Mrs O'Neill.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim

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