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Attack on atheists requires 'intelligent' approach

I have just finished reading Ronnie Crawford's ill-thought out letter (Write Back, July 23).

There are many many things wrong with his arguments and he falls into the usual trap of those who rely on faith of only thinking his argument half-way through.

He also shows a complete lack of understanding of the theories of evolution and quantum physics.

His contention that creation cannot be down to chance because of "infinite odds" ignores the fact that, to make this argument, you have to accept the spontaneous creation of a supreme being with the intelligence to create everything - surely something that is at least as unlikely as what he is arguing against?

Also: the odds are not infinite and, as we live in a 'multi-verse', where, according to quantum theory, all possibilities are played out, then it is in fact inevitable that, even with almost infinite (but still finite) odds of intelligent life spontaneously occurring, then that life will occur.

And although Mr Crawford may then argue that it is highly coincidental that we live in that universe, it is only in the universe in which intelligent life has evolved where these questions will be asked. I respect his right to believe in what he wants (and, indeed, in some universes he could well be entirely correct). But his attack on those of us who like to think things through and the audacity of his pot-to-kettle accusation that atheists are "dreamers" compelled me to write this letter.


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