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Attack on Gaza not self-defence

Reading your article about Gaza, Barack Obama's support for Israel's war on Gaza does not make sense.

Killing Palestinian children and women and bombing media centres by the fourth strongest army in the world is not self defence.

Israel, which is a nuclear power, provoked the current situation by killing seven Palestinians including children without any media attention, which provoked a response from other smaller Palestinian groups, injuring four Israeli soldiers.

This was followed by Israel's extrajudicial execution of the Hamas military commander, which forced Hamas to react.

We should remember that Israel is imposing an illegal blockade on the Gaza strip - largely inhabited by Palestinian refugees who were ethnically cleansed when Israel was created on parts of Palestine in 1948 by the West - denying them necessary food and medicine, which is an act of aggression on its own.

Let's also not to forget that Tel Aviv was never attacked by the homemade Palestinian rockets until the Israeli army started its current offence.

Mohammed Samaana


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