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Attack on prep schools wrong

Before Christmas, the Education Minister published the results of a document about the DENI funding of prep schools.

The main finding was to recommend an end to DENI funding of prep school places because the 30% funding now in place promotes inequality of access.

At present, DENI pays £808-per-annum for prep pupils as opposed to £2,020 for every primary school pupil, thus saving £1,212 for each place.

Those parents choose to spend from £2,000 to £3,500 to educate their children as they prefer. The minister considers this unfair.

Compare it to healthcare: a parent subscribes to a health insurance plan; his child attends the GP under the NHS and is found to need referral to a consultant.

The parent opts for a private consultation even though this is available under the NHS.

Does the NHS withdraw all future NHS care for that child?

If the minister is allowed to push through this agenda on prep schools, where will the Assembly stop in its Marxist policies?




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