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Attack politics is all Conservatives have to offer

Reading Irwin Armstrong's letter (Write Back, April 26) reminded me of the Emperor's new clothes. He accuses Alliance of being "as much a function of division in Northern Ireland as any other".

That's good coming from the Conservatives - a party that had an electoral pact with the Ulster Unionists, the party of government in Northern Ireland from 1921-1972 and again with the ill-fated UCUNF project in 2009/11.

He attacks Alliance MP Naomi Long for not sitting "on the Government benches". At least Alliance has an MP.

It is nonsense for Mr Armstrong to suggest that Alliance treats voters like infants and seeks to "deny them a say in who governs the United Kingdom". As I say, Alliance won a seat; the Conservatives won nothing and didn't even contest the last Assembly election.

Mr Armstrong says Alliance has "no sensible position on socio-economic matters".

The present tactic of the Northern Ireland Conservatives seems to be to attack just about every other party. I look forward to their pending relaunch so that we can have a clearer view of what exactly they are offering voters here.


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